I was born in England, with deep ties to Canada, and currently reside in Northern Ireland. I teach out of Belfast and London and hold retreats internationally. 

My passion is to share the teachings, practices and rituals that have touched and enriched my life to empower you on your journey of wellbeing and self-discovery. I believe the richness of life resides in the ability to be deeply connected; to ourselves, to others, and to the natural world.

My style of teaching is not preachy or dogmatic, but comes from a place of integrity and practice. I only teach what I have integrated personally, and what I’ve come to know has provided me with great insight, and I have seen the same impact for those I’ve worked with. I am a practitioner and student first, and a teacher second. This ethos has enabled me to offer my passion for this work whole-heartedly and from a place of skill, grace and awareness. 

I know and see the body well. I use touch in my teaching compassionately and intelligently to assist students in their experience and help to identify blind spots. I relate the depths of yoga with sincere reverence to its history, but without the rhetoric of esoteric Indian philosophy. 

My signature style of teaching is influenced by Katonah Yoga®, Taoist theory, Vinyasa, Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga. I am also a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition, a Thai yoga massage practitioner and a meditation teacher. The blend of these methods enable me to provide techniques for meeting resistance physiologically and psychologically, and to teach skills for embodied awareness. I believe yoga and mindfulness have the ability to create personal transformation, instil power and spark joy. 

I’m always reading 10 books at a time, with a great love of literature, science, poetry and philosophy, and I always have a notebook at hand. Nature heals me and cityscapes inspire me. I am deeply passionate about the embodied wisdom of women and the natural healing medicine of plants and herbs. I have seen many corners of the world and have experienced a lot in my 28 years. I am grateful for the wisdom gained and lessons learned. Those close to me note my tender heart and tenacious spirit, but it’s all I’ve ever known.   

Thank you for being here. I’m honoured. Let’s start our journey together.