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Dani’s brilliantly descriptive teaching has transformed my yoga practice and helped me to prevent further strain I was causing my body through incorrect yoga posture. Initially I had taken up yoga to fix a lower back issue, however I found that despite a good workout, I would continually have some back pain. In large classes, it’s difficult to check whether you are doing the postures correctly and I knew I must be going wrong somewhere. I decided to take up private sessions with Dani. Her style is different; she spends a lot of time working with the internal mechanics of the body. She possesses a unique skill in her ability to reverse engineer each core yoga pose down to distinct building blocks that create a foundation for proper alignment and structure. Through my one to one sessions she has equipped me with the fundamentals and I feel confident to apply these to any class as well as finish pain free! Dani's private sessions are key for anyone looking to understand the universal principles of yoga – oh and enjoy doing so in the process!

- Luke, London, private yoga student


Dani is a transformational teacher. With knowledge and compassion, she guides us to explore the thrilling possibilities of our bodies and minds. From there flows the true heart of yoga, a place of oneness, beauty and love. For these blessings I owe much to Dani, a lovely person with a rare gift.

- Andrew, London, long term student in group classes

I have been going to yoga classes for over a year and whilst I really enjoyed the sessions I wasn’t seeing much development in my technique or strength. Since having one-to-one private sessions with Dani there has been a huge difference to my practice. We started from scratch to focus on the fundamentals and technique - the effects were immediate. I get so much more out of the classes I go to now that I actually know what I am doing, and private sessions are a great opportunity to concentrate on what I want to work on. On a more personal note, Dani is everything you want in a Yoga teacher. She is warm, welcoming, extremely knowledgeable, patient and makes every session an absolute joy. It is always the highlight of my week. I would recommend her to no end - thank you Dani.

– Jane, London, private yoga student


I first met Dani at Blue Cow Yoga Studio in May 2015. What attracted me to her teaching style was her in-depth knowledge and her understanding of the physicality and energetics of the postures. Due to two impinged shoulders and a slow recovery with bulging discs and sciatica I wanted to focus on alignment to heal my body, so I invested in some 1:1 sessions and 15 months later we are still working together. Dani has made a huge impact on my life in so many ways. She has taught me so much, not only about the asana practice, but the true practice at the heart of yoga. Back in 2015 I wanted to run before I could walk. Dani taught me how to take a step back, truly listen to my body and how to bring softness, patience and love to my body. She is a talented young lady and will always hold a special place in my heart. Because of Dani I am now able to take advanced yoga classes and do things with my body I never knew I could do. Yoga is a journey and my journey with Dani will certainly continue.

- Felisa, London, private yoga student 



Dani’s retreat changed my life. I’d never attended a yoga retreat before and was worried that my fledgling practice would cause me to stand out. Would I hold up the class, be the proverbial sore thumb in my old gym gear? I almost cancelled the night before – I’d gashed my hand with a bread knife and felt it was a fair enough excuse!  Thank the Lord/the Universe I did not. From the moment we landed at Stockholm Airport and the other retreat guests gathered to await the transfer, I could see that her special energy attracts equally special people. Everyone was lovely. Just lovely. I made two new friends in particular – women younger than me, and both trained yoga teachers. The connection was magical, inclusive and nourishing. For that’s what Dani’s teaching inspires. She has a way of weaving so many beautiful threads into her teaching – I learned not only from practising asanas and breathing, but from qi gong and anatomy, from the magic of essential oils and of spellbinding music. The retreat brought about a significant change in my life – how I earn my living, what I place value on. And I laughed a lot.  I felt hopeful, restored – as if I had a stronger connection with everything that really, truly mattered.

Jo, London, Retreat Guest - Sweden 2018

Dani is an old soul. Just 28 years old, she teaches yoga like someone with many more years behind them. Her classes, and the retreat in general, was very carefully planned and movingly executed. Dani threw herself completely into making sure our week - from our rooms, to the food, to the excursions - were seamlessly handled, even though of course behind the scenes there was much planning required! And the yoga was exceptional. With her lovely, lilting voice and serene delivery, Dani coaxed us gently and expertly through a wide variety of poses and meditations daily, in a gorgeous setting. She worked very hard so we could enjoy a special week. I would highly recommend Dani’s classes and retreats to anyone searching for a top-notch teacher in an environment of warmth and service.

Allison, New York City - Ithaca 2018

The retreat was everything I had hoped for and more. I was looking forward to it for quite some time and knowing that I love Dani’s teaching style my expectations were high – the experience ended up being so much more than I expected. The teachings were invaluable, whilst the time spent with new and beautiful human beings, as well as that spent reflecting and drawing attention inward was precious. The venue was peaceful and magical and overall it was a powerful experience. I left the retreat with renewed energy, more clarity and motivation to take some ideas and practices forward. 

Eleni, London, Retreat Guest - Sweden 2018 

I found Dani’s retreat in Sweden a simple bliss.  5 days of relaxing and empowering yoga, very helpful osteopaphy sessions and absolutely delicious food. I experienced this all in the beautiful surroundings of the Swedish countryside, with great people and in a friendly atmosphere. 
Dani is an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable teacher. Her breath work allows you to really experience yoga. She also makes the best marsh mellow-chocolate-cookie sandwiches I’ve had (!) I could not recommend her retreats enough.

Marta, London, Retreat Guest - Sweden 2018

I went on Dani’s retreats to Ithaca and Sweden in 2018 and both were the highlights of my year. Having practiced with Dani for a long time, I had no doubt that the yoga would be as enjoyable and fulfilling as her classes at home, and yet my expectations were surpassed. Being able to practice with her for a week solid was a blessing. Outside of the yoga itself, Dani always held an amazing space for everyone – and what a wonderful group of people it was for both retreats. I really enjoyed the balance of having meals and practice together, but the space to go and do your own thing throughout the day if that’s what you wanted and needed. If I had to describe a retreat with Dani in 3 words, they would be – empowering, re-energising and nourishing. I couldn’t recommend more.

Zara, London, Retreat Guest - Ithaca + Sweden 2018

The five days with Dani in Sweden were deeply relaxing and peaceful. All the yoga and meditation sessions were beautifully planned and linked together to form a coherent and meaningful few days in the Swedish forest. Dani brings so much kindness, compassion and fun to all her classes and interactions which makes you feel at home immediately. I left the retreat feeling refreshed and empowered.

Kath, London, Retreat Guest - Sweden 2017

I felt that Dani delivered the retreat as she does her classes - thoughtful, well planned and sharing her yoga ethos in a generous way. Dani helps you to relax into the classes and gain insight into your own practice on a physical and spiritual level. It was a great opportunity to really immerse myself into my practice. 

Geraldine, London, Retreat Guest - Sweden 2017



I started having Thai yoga massage therapy with Dani last year and I can honestly say it has been a very powerful experience. Her ability to treat both holistically and intuitively meant that for 90 minutes my body felt like it was really being nurtured and healed. The experience was much more than just leaving my muscles stretched and relaxed, I felt aligned and light. Dani’s yoga background is key to making this such an incredible experience, the way in which she can move your joints with precision and specific to your body is a real skill. I sort help from Dani after failed attempts with a physio to treat a longstanding problem with my right hip. Her sessions where a god-send. Immediately after the session I could feel space in my hip and I walked without pain and the constant pressure I had been experiencing through my whole body. When I stood my body moved seamlessly and I had a very strong sense of peace and calm. I can’t recommend Dani enough, whether you are wanting a more conventional experience of massage or to receive a treatment to relieve you of stress.

 - Jo, London, Thai yoga massage client