Yoga for Pregnancy

“Within your body,

Alchemy is at work”

-      The Alchemy of Womanhood, by Dolores Rice





Why yoga?

Women’s bodies are designed to give birth and the enriching practice of yoga enhances a woman’s experience of pregnancy on so many levels. As a yoga teacher I hope to support, educate and empower you on this journey of pregnancy to labour and motherhood. I will guide you in connecting to the innate strength, power and potential of your body and mind during this time of change and transition.

What does it entail?

The yoga practices will include practical tools to work with the breath as well as gentle, flowing sequences to provide nourishment to all the systems of the body. There will also be some dynamic movement to build strength and integrity in the body. Giving birth is hard work and a commitment to plenty of movement throughout pregnancy has scientifically proven physical and mental benefits. The classes will address common complaints of aches and pains that tend to arise at some point. It is also important to practice the art of slowing down and relaxation to soothe the nervous system that you and your baby share at this time. The classes will end with restorative postures, relaxation and meditation so you can find calm and connect inward. 

Are these classes for me?

Whether you are completely new to yoga or a well seasoned yogi, you are very welcome here. It is recommended you join after 14 weeks and continue until the birth of your baby, but it’s never too late to start. If you have any health concerns or prior injuries seek out medical advise from your healthcare provider before you start a class.