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Tending the Heart: Practice for the Summer Season + Fire Element (London Workshop)

The summer is associated with the Fire element in the Chinese system. We are transitioning from the Wood element of spring which governs the liver and the energetics of vision and growth, and moving towards the Fire of summer, which resides in the heart, the heart’s protector and the circulatory system. These systems are very important to the overall harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

This workshop is snuggled as close as I could make it to the Summer Solstice so we can practice together with the potency of the high sun on the longest days of the year! Rain or shine (this is the UK after all) the long days expose us to the primordial power of sunlight, lightening our hearts and reminding us to move towards joy.

I’d be delighted for you to join me for this seasonal tune up in London! Katonah inspired movement (both dynamic and therapeutic), breathwork, restorative and meditative stillness is our recipe for tending to the heart. Come lay down your burdens (we all have them), lighten your heart (there will be laughter), and learn some new techniques to support yourself through this season of ripening.

Joy is yours to claim. I look forward to guiding you.  

Please feel free to email me with any questions prior to booking.

Sunday 23rd June


Light Centre Moorgate*


*I have chosen an intimate space with capacity of 14 so booking is essential