Integrative Bodywork

In an Integrative Bodywork session I offer a combination of Thai yoga massage and Reiki, with the soothing scents of essential oils. The techniques used in Thai yoga massage are deeply grounding and physically thorough, in contrast to the the gentle, deeply relaxing modality of Reiki. In my years of experience with both I have found they complement each other beautifully and I am delighted to offer my unique bodywork service to you. You can read more about each modality below.

In Belfast I see clients out of the following spaces:

  • Yoga Loft Carrickfergus

  • Yoga Quarter Ballyhackamore

  • Flow Yoga Hill Street

Please specify on your booking enquiry where works best for you.


This beautiful healing practice has its roots in Ayerveda and Buddhism and utilises palpation and touch techniques with gentle passive yoga postures to relieve tension and create a sense of spacious relaxation. Thai Yoga Massage creates cohesion between your physical body and the more subtle emotional and spiritual planes, while providing deep rest for your nervous system. 

According to Ayurvedic science there is an extensive network of energy lines running through the body. Through massaging and stretching these lines the energy is allowed to flow more freely and works to alleviate conditions such as back pain, digestive difficulties, menstrual pain, headaches and neck pain, and stress-related conditions. 

The massage is done fully clothed on a floor mattress. It addresses the whole body and aims to re-balance the energy system leading to a state of wholeness and vitality. The treatment thorough and deeply relaxing.


Reiki is a safe, gentle and non invasive healing technique that uses light touch or hovering hands to restore balance in the subtle and energetic bodies. The energy of Reiki aids in soothing the nervous system and will always go where it is needed to rejuvenate on a cellular level. Without pressure or manipulation, it is a holistic system for balancing and harmonising all aspects of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki as a modality can be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth. After a session you may feel reflective or in need of deep rest. It can aid in times of personal transformation, help to reduce chronic stress and is a beautiful addition to one's general wellbeing.